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ACH Phone Checks

What is CHEXpedite™ Electronic Phone Checks?

Electronic Phone Checks is an extension of the pre-authorized payment system used by insurance and mortgage companies since the 1970s, whereby you can accept checks over the telephone.

Your customer can authorize you to create a draft on his or her bank account as a means of payment for your goods or services purchased over the telephone. Once you have authorization from the customer, you are in control of being paid.

Increase Your Market and Your Profits.

Less than half of the American buying public even owns a credit card. And you are probably already accepting checks from these customers. Why not take advantage of the convenience and financial benefits of accepting checks over the phone? Many businesses already accept checks over the phone or fax as with a credit card.

Any business that accepts checks can enjoy the ease and profitability of CHEXpedite™ Electronic Phone Checks.

How Does It Work?

Accepting your customer’s check over the phone or fax can be as easy as accepting a credit card. Ask your customer for the bank routing and account numbers, which are printed at the bottom of every check. You forward this information to the Electronic Phone Checks processing center. Our processing center will “originate” the transaction for deposit into your account within two banking days.

What Does CHEXpedite™ Electronic Phone Checks Cost?

This depends on the volume of checks to be processed. A small per transaction fee is typical. There are no minimums or maximums to worry about. We will process one or 100,000 transactions for deposit the next day.

Now you can offer credit card convenience to checking account customers by allowing them to pay by check right over the phone, and save the high percentage you are paying to accept credit card payments. If you have customers who order over the phone, Electronic Phone Checks can increase your sales potential by 75 million customers in the U.S. Industry analysts estimate that 3 out of 4 people do not have or do not use a credit card.

Credit Card Convenience for Check Customers Provides You With:

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