‘Digital ID’ Is the Solution for EMV’s Online Blind Spot

In order to successfully and scalably combat card-related fraud and digital payments hacking, organizations need to rely less on standards like EMV and PAN/PRN, and recognize today’s currency is no longer just about money. Instead, digital identity has emerged as a new form of currency, and it requires protection too. Counterfeit fraud, card-not-present fraud, fraudulent […]

US to Hand Over Control of the Internet ‘Address Book’ to ICANN

A tiny branch of the U.S. Commerce Department is preparing to hand over control of the Internet’s “address book”—the highest level of the Domain Naming System, or DNS—to the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers, a Los Angeles-based international nonprofit, effective Oct. 1, Ars Technica reports. Republican lawmakers have tried to block the move, […]

COMMENTARY: A Look at the Top 4 Security Trends for 2017 in the Payments Industry

After years of card-data breaches and other bad news, four very encouraging trends are emerging that bode well for better security. Here’s a quick look at all four: Integrators are taking the QIR program seriously. When the PCI Security Standards Council and Visa Inc. initially released the Qualified Integrator and Reseller (QIR) certification program in […]

Biometrics Scare Sends a Reminder About the Need for Thorough Data Protection

What appears to be only a scare about a breach of fingerprint data from a kiosk deployer is sending a reminder to the payments industry that biometrics are no panacea for data-security problems. “Any security system is not 100% bulletproof,” says David Lott, payments risk expert at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. “Anything can […]

Five Firms Hit by ‘Crypto-Sweep’ in Alabama as Regulators Step up Operation

Cease and desist letters have been sent to five crypto companies operating in Alabama, as part of the ongoing “Operation Crypto-Sweep.” The campaign, led by the North American Securities Administrators Association, is targeting ICO projects and blockchain startups suspected of fraudulent activities and violations of existing securities laws. Actions have been taken already by NASAA […]

Developers Work To Combine NFC With Blockchain for POS Transactions

So far, neither near-field communication nor blockchain has been a blockbuster technology for payments in the U.S. market, but now developers are working on combining the two in a way they hope will give cryptocurrencies a big boost at the point of sale. The idea is to create a standard for a new protocol called […]