E-PAYNOW.com is a provider of state-of-the-art solutions for processing money electronically. This allows our customers to receive payments with speed, efficiency and security in both online and offline environments. Focused on the next generation of financial processing we develop technologies that materialize into future payment methods.

E-PAYNOW.com’s mission is to increase its client’s profitability by encouraging broader industry reach through the use of technology. We facilitate a variety of transaction payment alternatives that enhance security, increase e-commerce activity and expand participation in the Internet and wireless marketplaces.

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Buy Buttons Have Some Traps for Retailers

Buy buttons are shaping up to be the next battleground in tech-driven retail, and retailers are gearing up to take the field on social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest and others. But the new payments technology presents challenges that retailers must consider.

It’s a shift that threatens to upend retail, which, until recently, viewed social media platforms largely as a way to promote products online or to give customers a way to share reviews and seek help with product issues. In the traditional social media retail model, sites like Pinterest and Twitter served as a way to build product awareness and direct potential customers to the retailer’s main site to complete a purchase.

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