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E-PAYNOW.com’s mission is to increase its client’s profitability by encouraging broader industry reach through the use of technology. We facilitate a variety of transaction payment alternatives that enhance security, increase e-commerce activity and expand participation in the Internet and wireless marketplaces.

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All Merchants Have to Comply with EMV

Don’t succumb to complacency; become EMV compliant today! Make sure you are informed and prepared with EMV-capable point-of-sale devices to protect against counterfeit-card fraud.

The October 2015 liability shift set by the major card networks to implement the Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) chip card standard will leave unprepared merchants vulnerable to counterfeit fraud for the first time. Merchants that have not installed EMV-capable point-of-sale terminals within the next three years will assume liability for counterfeit-card transactions conducted in their stores.

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